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DJ Bobby Mobile Disco is now able to hire certain pieces of equipment for specific requirements. Hiring a complete disco set up, including the actual DJ, may not be the most suitable solution for your requirement. If you simply want to hire some equipment to provide your own music choices, play music at your own private party or go for longer than a professional DJ might otherwise wish to, you can hire some basic equipment and become the ‘DJ’ for the night yourself!

P.A. Hire – Basic PA system of 2 x dual use (Active/Passive) speakers, 2 x tripod speaker stands, 1 x 800 watt amplifier with all the relevant cables and connectors.

Lighting Hire – Can include standard types of disco lighting such as lamped, LED and laser variants. You can add some lighting to a PA hire and have a mini disco for your own home!

Uplighting Hire – Why not enhance your function room or venue by hiring some uplights? These lights throw a wash of your preferred colour up walls, along floors, they can highlight architectural features and change the whole ambience of your room or venue. I can provide two different types of lighting effect.

1: Static colour – These light units are small and unobtrusive, use LED tecnology so are low in power use and virtually no residual heat so young children cannot get burnt! They can be set by dipswtich to a colour closely matching your favourite colour of perhaps the colours of your company identity.

2: Variable colour – These light units are slim and 1m long, they sit low level to the floor and can all be linked together to form a daisy chain of lighting around a room or venue. These lights are also LED technology and again will not give off any heat, a great feature where young children might be present. They can be controlled via a dedicated controller to operate in a slow or fast chase, sound to light (flash/change colour in time to the beat if the music), programmed to perform in specific colours and styles and even left to display a single colour for your entire event if you wish.

Bespoke Monogram Projection – To show off something extra special, why not ask to have an individually produced monogram projected on the floor or prominent wall? I have several stock monograms such as a dancing bridal couple, inter-twinned hearts, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’ and others, all of which can also be coloured as well. You can also ask to have your own design made in a projected image to include your own names for example.

Light Podiums – I have recently taken delivery of a pair of bespoke white coloured podiums which can be lit from inside and can display alternating colours to the sound of the music. Check out this picture from a recent wedding fayre I supplied a set up for – click here. They can be used to place extra lighting on top or indeed could also be decorated with a floral display for example.

Smoke, Bubble & Snow machines – are also available.

To enquire for specific prices and availability, please contact me.