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Did you know you can now complete the Booking Fee payment or make a Full Payment by clicking the ‘Payment Gateway’ button below? Once you submit the Booking Fee and your date is secured, I will set up your access to the Client Area where you can make other payments such as the remaining balance.

If you are keen to book DJ Bobby for your event and your preferred date is available (see Availability ) and you have previously contacted DJ Bobby about your event, you can make the initial Booking Fee now to secure your date.

Due to PayPal charging me fees to withdraw funds from PayPal to my business bank account, I am reluctantly forced to request payees using this PayPal method to add 3.4% to the amount you wish to pay. Typical amounts paid by clients via this gateway are:

Fee Amount Value @ 3.4% Total Fee Required
£100 £3.40 £103.00
£120 £4.08 £124.00
£150 £5.10 £155.00
£180 £6.12 £186.00
£200 £6.80 £206.00
£250 £8.50 £258.00
£300 £10.20 £310.00
£350 £11.90 £361.00
£400 £13.60 £413.00

Payment Gateway

Please accept my apologies for this new policy.